True — what should happen and what does happen are two different things.
John Weiss

I wasn’t trying to make a bold statement about anything, I was simply responding to your statements. You claimed that it was wrong for teachers to privately raise funds for students, although upon inspecting your comment closely for a second time, it may only SEEM that you claimed this due to a grammatical error.

What you said, as I read it, was that Stephan should not have raised funds for his students because education should be publicly funded. That’s like saying it’s wrong to imprison criminals because crimes shouldn’t be committed. It just doesn’t make sense. All I was doing was questioning the illogical (and frankly, confusing) nature of your claim. But again, I see now that it was probably just a misunderstanding, probably from omitting a single word (“to”) which is definitely not a big deal.

I also said more, the bulk of my comment, in response to your claims about whether it’s possible for people who criticize corporations to be anti-science, which I consider to be the far more important piece of my post. If you’re asking me to clarify what I was trying to say with my post, it’s that while you are correct that companies are not scientists, it’s equally correct that many people who criticize companies are also criticizing scientists in ways that are insulting and utterly lacking in any evidence.

Well, I haven’t seen any evidence. If you (or anyone reading this) has documented evidence of the massive corruption of the entire global scientific community by for-profit corporations**, PLEASE share it! If that is actually occurring, I am as interested in stopping it as any anti-vaxxer could ever be.

** Please note this isn’t limited to the vaccination and GMO issues mentioned in the original article. Similar claims are routinely made about climate change, even by US government officials at the highest level. I can provide examples if you have never witnessed this, just ask!

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