I see, I fear.

There is so much to fear in life whether you like it or not. Life is just like this. Even if you are going well in life. Life has so many of its fear floating around you. A simple example is Job Security you never know when things will turn bad for you when you will lose you Job and land into a space where you do not know what to do. Might be your skill be obsolete. And you would go Jobless.

These fears subconsciously surround you that you have no escape. It can be said that life is uncertain but the realization of how fragile you situation and life is make you life so tough to live.

I wish we could live a life as the children live in this world. They are not smart enough to know how life will hit then in the next turn they take. Yet they are so full of life and so fun to watch. Sometimes knowledge increases fears in your life rather than making your fearless.

Who loves to be prepared all the time. Is life a test and what if you loose. I mean is loosing such a bad thing after all. Really I can’t tell. It can be or may be it can’t.

What will happen if we loose. Like if you do not prepare for your exam. Its like you fail and you do not go to the next level. We’ll its sad if like if you miss the bus and you have to reach somewhere else. But its also like you are writing a story differently. Like this. You miss the bus and you can’t reverse it but you still have a day to yourself. You can spent it differently. You can go back home wear something comfortable and just go to sleep. I mean to say this will maybe relax you for some moments.

Yes life this way of showing you something that you understand and then asking you for an action. Its like you were happy and without worry and just then a Life Insurance guy comes up to you and asks a couple of What if’s and you start to wonder what you should do. “What if you get sick or die, who will take care of your family?”. Now you have have save for life insurance when you even do not know how long you are going to live and when things are going to go apart from you. And when you buy the life insurance you again gain back you comfort and carelessness. In the first place it was already there but when you saw the circumstances in a different light it was lost and when you tried to secure the outcome you gained it back.

In a nutshell we can’t be children because we understand. And when we understand we see and when we see we see fears, uncertainty. And this cause problem.

Being Fearless.

Fearless is to face your fears and walk as if your do not see it. I don’t know if this is what being fearless means. Or does it mean that you do not see that things an go wrong. Or does it mean becoming ignorant towards the fear. Like you know that is fear but just don’t think about it.

I can’t say what exactly it is.

I fear so many things and they always cause pain. Kind of pain I must say. like some unpleasant sinking feeling inside you. But I really do not know how to deal with it.