The birth of a relationship

Relationship starts when you do things together or are together and doing things. Like going to go to school together. I used to go to school and I did not have much of friends. I was like a loner.

I did not had friends because i was too aware of life. Too guarded maybe. I never took too much of changes. I play my cards when it is safe to win. What does it lead to. It leads to you now winning at tall.

I remember that when I was small. I hardly used to talk to anyone. Even teachers complained that I never talk. I am shy. And nothing could have helped. me. I stayed that way most of my schooling.

You make friends when you talk and you communicate. But I was of the quite bunch. I have very very few people whom I can say I loved talking. But I knew I loved it.

One of the primary reasons I did not talk much because I did not liked being made fun of. And when you are small and you figure out that you are made fun of. The best deal is to stay quite. This is where I think I did things differently.

But yes when you are do not talk and get to someone. There are people who always find you. These people can talk with you even when you have no positive signals of friendship. And they will break you coconut shell to find out that there is something nice inside. And these people become you best and sometimes your only friends.

How do they mange to break the ice with you. The manage to break the ice with you because they are trustworthy and pleasant. Maybe because of this.

Believe me I have only Good friends. Not because I am good but because they are good. I did not went to them they came to me and we have a friendship that lasts.

For any relationship to take birth you need to be together. you need to share some failures or victories or boredom together and then the journey begins. And when you start enjoying the company it becomes a kind of friendship.

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