Winning before Victory.

“I have done it but I don’t feel so good about it because all the way I never expected it to happen. All the time I never had much hope.”

You feel happy when you know that you will make it happen! And this feeling is really great. I mean in everything. When you start the day and you know you will make most out if it. Its a great feeling. I mean like in everything we do. If I am cooking and I know I will do a good job. It gives a lot of satisfaction, excitement in just doing it. But when I know I will not do well the whole journey become. unexciting and depressing.

Believing with Positive attitude that “You will make it happen, or It will happen” may not consistently change the “What is going to happen” but yes it will always change what you feel the way. And isn’t this important. To feel good, happy and confident all the way through.

Our past has a lot of impact on how we feel. Like personally I do not like maths because I cannot wrap my head around it. For me I would love to learn but when I cannot relate to it I don’t feel right. For me, I like information which I can use. Not some information which I cannot. And as I am growing up I am realizing that some of the subjects which were not important when I was a child are growing in importance as I am growing old. You must be saying “Like what?”. I was not interested in Civics, like how the country is run, democracy etc. etc. So as you can expect I never learned much about it.

But now I would love to know more about it. “But Why ?”. Because discussions around me have topics which I cannot relate to. So, to like participate, enjoy discussions its kind of important to know stuff.

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