Walking through Singapore Parks

This weekend Casey and I went on a walk with some friends through a series of stunning Singapore parks. Singapore has something like 50 large public parks, and the ones I’ve seen so far have been meticulously maintained. Our walk this time was through 5 of them from Kent Ridge to Harbour Front, each connected with each other, totaling about 5 miles.

We begin bright and early!
Walking through the treetops
At this corner we saw soooo many cool birds. We’re going to come back next time with binoculars.
Just some giant ants eating some bees
Henderson Waves bridge
Superman’s ice cavern off in the distance
Down we go into another part of the trail
It was convenient that this part of the walk was covered because it began raining for a bit
Double rainbow at the end of the walk!

That was it. We got some nice egg, toast, and tea (very common Singapore breakfast) afterwards. We left 5:30am and finished our walk at 8:30am, so it was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning.

Once again I was blown away by Singapore’s investment in its infrastructure and amenities. The whole walk was on very well maintained paths, and there were occasional bathrooms and drinking fountains along the way, as well as a number of smaller grassy areas where people were doing Tai Chi and other morning exercises.

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