Hello $LTN holder! What’s happening with LotanChain these day’s?

  • First of all, I’m sorry for the delay. Please let me first apologize in getting this updated information to you. During the past few months, we’ve restructured internally and placed some task and projects on hold.
  • We’re updating our brand! We are excited to announce that we are changing our website and current whitepaper. …

Blockchain space continues to evolve with each passing day, but is still reckoned as young technology. As can be expected, young technologies always have inherent challenges and look for a push from technical experts so that the teething troubles can be overcome. Thankfully, a majority of the issues in the potential use cases encountered have been resolved successfully, and a large number of applications are now extracting significant benefits from the Blockchain technology.

Across the globe, many full-stack developers have been successful in implementing medium, small, and large projects for a wide array of segments. Moving away from the ‘nay’ Sayers of early days, the technology has broken out of its shell and has seen an impressive bee-line of adoption in various sectors including in governance by many federal governments. …

Dear LotanNation Community,

It’s all about being transparent and honest, so guess what! We are sharing with the community that we did not reach the soft cap, not the end of the world. Due to the wonderful terms and conditions we have begun the process of returning contribution to all the contributors.

The strong reputation we have built with our community will take us a very long way. Doing what’s right is the best thing our community deserves.

We were very unfortunate with the timing of launch and having to restrict a huge geographic area. But the beauty of being an emerging software developement company that is integrating blockchain use cases is that failure = learning. …

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