The cryptocurrency market is endless to be discussed after the digital financial system is able to attract hundreds of millions of new users from all over the world. This makes the digital financial system a new phenomenon that can create a new system for world financial movements to be more organized and more dynamic. By relying on the strength of the blockchain system, the transaction process using digital money can take place stably. This is also supported by a system that operates decentralized to produce a safe and efficient transaction process. Digital finance is now a new hobby for business people to take advantage of this opportunity to achieve greater financial benefits. because it is digital, this financial system does not provide excessive burdens related to human labor so as to provide greater and instant convenience. People can purchase any product where payment will be made using a digital financial system. As for the benefits obtained from using this system is to provide ease of use and unlimited access capabilities. The community will be given more benefits through bonuses in the form of digital tokens that can be obtained through airdrop, bounty, or giveaway activities. So that this is expected to further develop the application of the digital financial system to create a very broad and active cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Seeing the growing phenomenon currently associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, the Volentix platform introduces a digital asset ecosystem whose function is to combine digital currency exchange systems through cross-block wallets. This exchange can be done from one user account to another user account originating from a different platform. This advantage provides a greater opportunity for users to be able to contract payments to any user who has a digital wallet. volentix designs the system so that it is easy to be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Although this platform was created from a combination of advanced technology that is very complicated, but this makes Volentix more friendly for every user. New users do not need to worry about being complicated by various procedures at the beginning of registration because Volentix will guarantee that it will not be found.

There are so many benefits to be gained by joining this platform. The main benefit that will be obtained is that users can exchange digital assets that are safe and fast. Volentix ensures that both functions will continue to be interwoven and obtained in every transaction that takes place. Usability that makes it easy for users to also support the use of this platform on a larger scale. reliability of technology Volentix will accept all types of transactions and can manage them as a whole, both in small and large quantities. this will not have an effect where there is a transaction failure caused by a busy volentix server. This platform supports every type of digital currency to be exchanged so that it is expected to be able to create a condition that is synergistic in a broader implementation. Volentix wants changes in the community’s economic system and digital asset governance carried out by decentralized autonomous organizations. Volentix creates a special application that can realize functions as a digital currency exchange platform created using EOS.IO smart contracts and other technologies.

Volentix facilitates every user with a versatile digital wallet that can store digital assets of any kind. The access provided is also very easy and transparent where users can personally manage their respective wallets. This wallet is supported by security from a private key that can keep every asset in it intact. With the use of this private key, users can avoid various risks that can overwrite digital assets, causing huge losses.

Another benefit that can be obtained through Volentix is ​​that this platform provides a special space where each user can access information about the ranking of digital currencies throughout the world. From this info, users can find out about developments in digital currency movements from time to time and can help in making decisions for exchange transactions. Volentix combines two philosophies, namely decentralization and transparency to create a digital platform that has different advantages compared to others. they are determined to always provide a means for the community by developing a digital asset ecosystem that is based on efforts to empower the community and ensure that they respect the applicable law.

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