Right ……
Inori e

What exactly do you think you are responding to? It’s as if you took my response to you and just went off on a diatribe.

Women and men are segregated in sports not because men have some innate physical superiority to women, as you imply; it’s simple sexism. Congratulations for pushing their agenda.

I’ve heard privileged, white cis women dismiss things like catcalling, because they think they’d feel complimented to get a catcall (but they are not subjected to that treatment because they don’t tend to walk city streets alone). Many of these women have also said things like “If someone like Trump grabbed ME by the pussy, I’d be flattered.” Again, this is due to sexist oppression. That doesn’t mean it’s okay. I’m sure some trans women do it too (although I’ve never heard/seen it).

I’ve never had any of my trans friends tell me that words like vagina, uterus, and breastfeeding are triggering to them. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment. However, it seems pretty odd that names of body parts would trigger anyone. It’s certainly not widespread enough to have come to my attention.

As a cis woman, I “perform” womanhood every day because I enjoy putting on makeup and dressing up. It’s part of MY idea what it means to be a woman out and about. This is true of many cis women AND many trans women. There are just as many of both types who don’t care to do so and that’s great too.

I think that any movement that promotes sharing and communication, as opposed to exclusivity, will be good for our society, much more so than narrow definitions and exclusivity.

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