Practicing The Subtle Art Of Detachment
Shreya Dalela

Well written. I’ve been on the same journey for a few years, and the art of detatchment has been on my mind a lot lately. New values are relatively easy to recognise and have take root, but detachment is hard. We hold on so tight to the things we’ve achieved or collected, even long after they’ve stopped serving us.

There is a mental image I’ve found helpful. I picture myself standing in the middle of an invisible stream of life, going in all kinds of unexpected directions. I hold out the palms of my hands in front of me. I keep them open, never grasping anything too tightly. Whatever comes, I’ll find a blessing, and whatever goes I can also find a blessing. It all just depends on your ability to stay open and positive. My ability for feeling joy has definitely increased.

And it’s definitely​ safest if the things you value most are things no-one can take away from you, no matter what. Things like a summer breeze on your skin, raindrops on your face, your thoughts and dreams, a great cup of coffee, your kindness.