Keeping it alive

She knocked on the hotel room door and waited. The door opened slightly and a hand extended holding something black. A familiar voice said, “Put this on.”

She unfolded the silk cloth, it was a blindfold. She nervously looked around, feeling her cheeks flushing at the thought of someone seeing her. “OK.” She said, quickly tied the strap at the back of her head.

“Now, take your knickers off and give them to me.” He said, still from behind the door.

Her heart was racing now, she shifted her stance as if about to refuse or complain about the risk of being seen, but instead bit her lip.

Should she do it? She had to, it wasn’t optional.

What if someone was to see her? That was part of it, she would have to do it anyway.

The fear of being seen evident in the slight quiver of the sigh that escaped her lips as she quickly lifted her dress and hooked her thumbs over her lace knickers and quickly pulled them down. Still blindfolded, she handed them to him, straightened her dress and made the slightest of moves that suggested she was thinking of stepping towards the door.

“Wait.” He said, this time she could tell the door was wide open and he was closer to her.

It felt like minutes, whilst she stood blindfolded in the corridor. She knew he was holding her knickers to his mouth and nose, breathing her in, her scent causing a very slight and almost inaudible “Mmm” of satisfaction.

Then he led her into the room and positioned her where he wanted her, still blindfolded, she could feel the high wooden edge of a bed against her thighs. He pulled on the zip at the back of her tight body hugging blue dress, unzipping it all the way down to the top of her bum and slowly sliding it down over her cheeks and thighs. She could feel his breath on her bare skin as he knelt behind her and lifted each foot out of the dress.

She stood waiting, now dressed only in black hold-ups and a delicate lace bra, she could sense he was admiring her. She moved slightly, shifting her weight from one foot to the other as she felt herself getting more excited.

Then he took her hand and began gently wrapping a soft rope around her wrist, then he moved away and she could hear the rope being pulled across something wooden, her arm being pulled up away from her side.

He moved around her, gently brushing a single finger over the skin of her bottom as he passed, her heart raced, excited by his touch. Her second hand was tied in the same manner and now her arms we out stretched, tied to something on either side of her, in her mind it was a beautifully ornate wooden four-poster bed.

Then she felt his firm grip on her ankle, slowly he moved her left leg out to the side and tied her ankle in the same way before doing the same to her other leg. Her legs now far enough apart that she had to use a little of her core strength to keep her posture, she felt the ropes tying her arms being pulled tighter lifting a little. The star shaped position she now stood in stretched her to the edge of her reach without being uncomfortable.

After a few minutes of waiting, listening as he moved about the room. He moved onto the bed in front of her and she felt something hard being brushed across the skin of her chest, wooden or metal, she couldn’t tell. He moved it in circular pattern around her breast, then she felt the clamp close over her erect nipple. Biting her bottom lip as the pressure from the clamp increased as he slowly he let go.

He played gently with the second clamp, drawing it in patterns over her stomach and around her other breast, up her chin, around her mouth, tracing the line of her lips. She gasped as he released the clamp on her other nipple.

Then the clamps started to pull slightly on her nipples as he attached the cord to something on the bed, her groan of pain and pleasure muffled through her bitten bottom lip.

The inside of one of her thighs was now very wet and she should feel the silky strand of her excitement growing longer as her pussy twitched with excitement pushing more of her wet out. He had moved behind her now and she could hear the camera clicking as he took pictures, no doubt capturing her excitement as it dripped towards the floor.

She listened and wondering what other equipment and toys he might produce, her excitement growing. His hands came around her head and she felt the fabric of the gag being pulled across her mouth, she could smell herself, it was her knickers he was gently pushing into her mouth and being held in place with a length of fabric tied at the back of her head.

The she waited. Several minutes passed. Perhaps his was touching himself or maybe just watching. Then she heard it. The sound of his belt being pulled through the loops of his pants as he removed it. Her muffled gasp of excitement equal to her anticipation, she knew what came next…

She also knew he would make her wait for it…

Later, whilst lying on her side under the warm duvet, she listened to his breathing as they rested. Little spoon, her bum, sensitive from the enjoyment of their play, nestled snuggly in his crotch. She sighed a long satisfied exclamation of her content.

Not once throughout the whole experience of the afternoon, did she think of him as her partner, nor that later on that night they would likely both be curled up on their golden bronze coloured suede sofa under a woollen blanket, with the dog curled up at their feet, watching a random TV sitcom.

This is what feeling alive, living, meant to them both.