Why I Would Never Do My Degree Again

Originally published on my blog in June 2012. Clearly I was feeling very optimistic and positive at the time.

The realisation has dawned on me recently that there is no way I could do my whole University experience again.

Don’t get me wrong, I have loved my time at Warwick, and I even began to like my course towards to end (something I never thought would happen as I fruitlessly tried to switch to anything else halfway through my first year). But I couldn’t do the whole three years again. This doesn’t mean that I have ruled out more education either. It’s just something about the first undergraduate degree that I think is a unique experience best done as, well, a unique experience…. that and the fact that being a fresher is so damned expensive and tiring.

Any fresher reading this will probably laugh and call me a bitter, prematurely ageing final year, and rightly so. I would have done the same three years ago. But I like the luxuries that come with moving out of halls and into a shared house; it’s almost as if you come out of a bubble and rejoin the normal world after a year long absence. You can once again drive to the supermarket, easily pop into town, have a better chance at getting a part time job, and have the freedom and comfort of living in an actual house once more.

I like not having to make a huge effort to be over-friendly with everyone I come across too, fuelled by the slightly desperate need to lock down friendships early in your first year. Coming to University is scary. Throwing yourself into just about everything is probably the best way to forget what a weird situation you are in, suddenly living and working with a bunch of other people who are complete strangers to you. Gradually, as you make friends and choose who to live with, the rush calms down. The transition from first year to second and third year is, in hindsight, a huge one. As a final year I feel far too old and boring to go back into the halls environment as it was in first year. Pretty soon I’ll be a boring person with a job who can’t imagine going back to university at all.

There are plenty of things I miss about first year though, and I know that I will miss a lot about university when it is over for good in a few week’s time. At the same time, I am a little bit ready for the next bit, which means that uni has done quite a good job of preparing us for the outside world. At the very least by presenting us with conditions and environments that we will eventually be tired of. The thing I am most looking forward to next year is not having to keep all of my belongings in one room and having a full sized fridge to share between two people rather than seven.

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