Adam Lanceley and the Miracle of Music

Adam Lanceley was only ten years old when a car accident left him seriously injured. Sustaining a severe brain injury, a crushed pelvis and shattered legs, doctors advised him he was unlikely to walk or talk again. Against all odds, Adam not only proved them wrong but has taken his remarkable recovery to the extreme, running marathons and now carving out a career as a singer-songwriter.

It would be nice to suggest that this is the kind of recovery anyone can make and that it’s all been champagne and rose for Adam during his recovery, but, alas, this is inevitably not the case. Adam has been left with both physical and mental scars, the damage to his brain affecting his mood and leaving him with depression and anxiety.

The video of Adam walking around Cambridge is as much a triumph for Adam in his attempts to conquer his internal demons as the more obvious physical damage. Only he can push himself to not only have the confidence to have a video made to go with the song; only he could summon up the fortitude to write a song which has no sense of self-pity nor preachy subtext. Adam is a singer-songwriter who has every right to buckle on a daily basis, yet finds strength to create music, which in itself is entertainment for others. He asks for nothing, yet has, more than most, given everything. Enjoy the video: