Adam Lanceley goes ‘Back To The Sunshine’

Over the years, there’s been a number of musicians who have done their bit for charity- think Bob Geldof, Sting- all that crowd. But few of these artists were directly affected by the charity they raised money for, but Adam Lanceley is one of these.

Back when Adam was young, a tragic car crash inflicted some serious injuries on him that immediately put him in hospital. These were worrying times for his parents who were told that Adam may not walk, or even talk again. One can hardly imagine having this laid out in front of you, but Adam was determined to make sure this was not the case.

Eventually, he defied the odds and all medical opinions and went on to walk, talk, run and even make a career in music for himself; Adam would not be held back by his unfortunate accident.

Since then, Adam, now 35, has released five full-length albums after discovering his passion for music and has even run the London Marathon for the Brain and Spine Foundation, his chosen charity. Now, he has released his 6th record, Back To The Sunshine, from which he is donating all proceeds to the charity.

Due to the injuries that Adam sustained, Brain and Spine has always been close to his heart and he knows how difficult it can be considering the foundation was in its early stages when the crash happened. He says: ‘I know it is a charity well worth supporting so that the trauma is reduced for future sufferers and I am committed to trying to help as much as I can’.

The music of the Beach Boys has been a firm favourite of Adam’s since he was young and still plays a large role in influencing his music, as can be seen upon listening to him. It is their ‘west coast’ sound that Adam has found a connection with and he has developed this no end through his last few albums, culminating in Back To The Sunshine. Adam has certainly stepped up a level in terms of his songwriting, showing both his experience and expertise in creating. For example, ‘A Film We All Saw’ employs some subtle, yet effective backing vocals which really add a whole new level to Adam’s sound.

There’s something undeniably retro about the music that Adam creates, but that is not to say that it’s outdated; he’s simply resurrecting elements of his biggest inspirations and dragging them delicately into our age of modern music.

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