Beldon Haigh: Pioneer of the protest song

In the world of music, much of what frequents our ears on the radio is based emotions: love, loss, despair — the usual suspects. But it’s not so often that we hear songs written about genuine current issues, in the same way that art might address a certain period in time.

But now, protest singer-songwriter Beldon Haigh is using his talents to raise awareness of the pressing social issues that many simply choose to ignore. It’s easy (and also ignorant) to think ‘It’s not happening here, it doesn’t affect me’, but Beldon stands strong to this stance taking on the voice of thousands of people with his protest songs. His first release ‘Freedom’ was aimed at highlighting the incompetency of Donald Trump as president of the United States, whilst his follow up single, ‘Land of Hope’, continues along the line of relevance by addressing the refugee crisis that we see in the news almost everyday.

Seeing the image of the dead Kurdish boy, Alan Kurdi, washed up on the beach was the last straw for Beldon and it was this that drove him to write the new track. Alan and his family were Syrian refugees trying to make their way across to Europe.

Having such a powerful and inspiring base to his music only adds to what Beldon is doing with his classic brand of pop-rock. Some might be instantly put off if they were told they were about to listen to a protest song, but Haigh’s music is both striking in its pertinence as well as accessible. His use of typical instrumentation and melody driven structures makes his music listenable, whilst we are still able to take in its true meaning with Beldon’s concise and crafted lyrics.

Watch the moving video for ‘Land of Hope’ here: