Introducing… Bandzit

Any aspiring musicians or bands will know that getting the gigs to improve the hype around you is difficult at first. Any owners of venues will know how frustrating it is when an act cancels at the last minute and you’ve got barely any time to find someone to fill their slot. However, no longer is there cause for concern as Bandzit is here to save the day!

Bandzit is a new music community platform with game changing capabilities. It’s open for anyone involved with music, whether you’re an artist, a venue, or just an avid gig-goer — there’s something for everyone here.

For example, Bandzit turns the system on its head, bringing the opportunities to you, saving you time and hassle. For artists, gigs will automatically arrive in your inbox and relevant artists will be distributed to venues looking for acts- it’s as simple as that.

In addition, Bandzit aims to make a platform that provides a single place for you to effectively plan, create and manage your events. Along with a familiar social media style interface, the key idea behind Bandzit is to build momentum from events (for both artists and venues) so that they can grow quicker.

As mentioned, if you just love music, Bandzit can work for you too. You can share and follow all your favourite bands who you discover and on top of this, Bandzit has its own ticketing portal that will never charge you more than £1 in booking fees! Bandzit creator, Phil Wilson, was fed up of being charged over the odds just to buy a ticket online, so this was something he aimed to address when making the platform.

Another feature of is ‘Hot Jobs’- an idea at the heart of the Bandzit philosophy, getting more people playing live, and more fans down to the front. Need to fill a support slot last minute, or want to find your new bass player? — list your Hot Jobs here for free, and start sharing it within our community and the outside world to fill that spot in no time.

Essentially, the main concept of Bandzit is to bring everyone involved win music together under one roof. With objectives of less hassle, less time and less cost, Phil wants to ‘bring music to the people and the people to the music.’

You can watch Phil, himself, talk about the ideas behind Bandzit here:

And you can sign up to Bandzit here, too!