Marilyn Carino’s New Exploratory Album

Marilyn Carino is an expert in forming experimental and exploratory sound within the electro-alternative genre and her new album Leaves, Sadness, Science is no different.

Having released her first full-length record, Little Genius, in 2011, Carino is back having honed her craft to create an intriguing fusion of electronic, soul and hip- hop styles. The single ‘When The Innocents Go To War’, which is taken from the new album, exhibits this combination perfectly, all whilst being accompanied by Marilyn’s hauntingly unique and wide-ranging vocals. In the past, her voice has been labelled as ‘smoldering’ and ‘powerful to the point of bringing you to tears’ and it’s easy to see why once you’ve wrapped your ears around her music.

Leaves, Sadness, Science employs resonating synths and complex beats to form a collection of spacey, electro-led grooves that will appeal to any music aficionado who appreciates quality production and songwriting. As a practicing Nichiren Buddhist, Marilyn claims that this is the force that molds her songs into introspective monologues exploring self-expression and sex.

Carino used to be in the band, Mudville, which she founded and won a ‘best song’ award with at the Independent Music Awards for their song, ‘Wicked’. She has even contributed vocals and lyrics to the Words Hurt indie hip-hop collective’s ‘Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit’, featuring Samuel T. Herring, vocalist of Future Islands. 

You can get a little insight into the world of Marilyn Carino by watching her homemade video of why she loves Edinburgh, right here:

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