The Fascinating Story of Lisa Richards

Australia has produced some unbelievable talent over the years in terms of music and singer-songwriter, Lisa Richards, is no exception to the rule.

Her upcoming album, A Light From The Other Side, is a highly reflective piece of work, drawing a lot on Richard’s experiences throughout her turbulent life.

As a child, Lisa was struck with grief from a young age after her mother was severely injured in a car crash, leaving her with very serious brain defects that unfortunately made her forget most of her children. Depression quickly ensued for Lisa, even at this young age, leading to her getting drunk for the first time aged 7 and taking pills even before this.

These habits continued into her teens, but memories of her mother playing the piano still lingered in Lisa’s mind, urging her to move away to Sydney in pursuit of a career in music for herself. Lisa joined her first band in Sydney, but after going on a musical research trip to New York, she became infatuated with the place, seeing it as somewhere that anything was possible, somewhere that she could achieve the ‘American Dream’.

Settling into her new home in America, Lisa began writing her own music, but found the songwriting process difficult without being able to play an instrument, so she picked up the guitar and taught herself. It wasn’t long before she had a song released on Warner Brother’s music, and she went on to play at Iconic New York venues such as the Mercury Lounge and the China Club.

After another serious bout of depression, Lisa was given crisis counselling with a psychologist who specialized in eating disorders, addiction and child abuse, all things Lisa had suffered from in her past.

Shortly afterwards, she married a long-time friend of hers, in order to gain a green card, but the relationship quickly blossomed into love. However, after 14 years of marriage, it all came to an end when Lisa discovered her husband’s addiction to child pornography.

As you can see, Lisa’s life has been far from simple, yet it is these experiences that provide her with powerful ammunition with which to write her beautiful songs. The Australian National Newspaper described her as ‘a simple yet powerful songwriter who has beautifully encapsulated the intricacies of the human condition.’

Pioneering a modern brand of folk-jazz, Lisa is a songwriter like no other with a truly unbelievable voice- incomparable to anyone else.

You can check out her video for the single ‘Frank Sinatra’ here:

Lisa is now working with British PR company, Quite Great, who know they are onto something special with her voice and they will be keen to get her beautiful music out to the audience that it deserves.