Tony Banks: ‘Run!’

New York based hip-hop/rap artist Tony Banks

In the run up to the release of his new EP, Yes Homo, Music Bear Tony Banks has dropped the house-infused hip-hop banger, ‘Run!’, which is far more than just a song with its empowering political undertones.

As an openly gay artist, Tony is fighting the stereotype in hip-hop music that for so long, has been an image of heterosexuality. As a result, Banks is swimming against the current, but for good reason, and it’s making his music stand out all the more.

Consequently, Tony has crafted his own identity within the world of hip-hop music, working alongside the likes EarthTone and JwlB for the new single. Tony began his career in music singing in his local choir as a teenager, but since he grew up during the golden age of hip-hop,his music is a world away from this, employing a unique blend of house, rap, dance and of course, hip-hop.

Although he claims to take influence from artists like Michael Jackson, Missy Elliot and Andre 3000, it’s difficult to compare Tony to one particular musician and this only goes to show the individuality at play within his work.

Named by Manhattan Digest as one of the ‘Five gay men you should know’, it’s evident that Tony Banks is a name you should be looking out for in the future, especially if you’re inclined towards your hip-hop music.


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