Track Review: ‘After Eve’ by Warsaw Radio

Warsaw Radio, created in 2013, return with their orchestral ballad, ‘After Eve’.

The song is a beautiful blend of frontman Brian McNamara’s gentle vocals and the band’s powerful orchestral skills.

‘After Eve’ is based around the oldest love story of all time, the partnering of Adam and Eve as told from Adam’s perspective. Not surprising from a band whose name is even taken from a story deep rooted in the history books: during the siege of Warsaw in 1939, The Warsaw Radio Orchestra kept performing live on the radio station throughout the siege until their radio transmitter was destroyed by an artillery shell. McNamara comments, “The story really inspired me. Working as an original artist in what can be a tough industry can be hard and having an inspiration like these guys in 1939 helps to keep you going”.

The lyric content within this song is rich with emotional imagery: people separating, the passing of time, jealousy - the list of things to be taken from the band’s poetic words is endless and is testament to their storytelling abilities.

Warsaw Radio’s enveloping lyrics are backed up by musical talent of equaling strength, the anthem-like build of the violins and percussion echoing that of modern day folk rock giants, Imagine Dragons.

It is encouraging to see such a powerful band back on the scene showcasing such impactful and thought-provoking material.

2017 seems set for the success of Warsaw Radio.

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Grace Mitchell