Why Playing the Piano Can Help Children Learn

A beautifully restored Bluthner Grand Piano

There is always so much to do, both time wise and financially when children are at school, but as parents we are constantly striving to discover ways to help and influence our children in their academic lives.

There is no doubt that sport has a huge influence on helping students achieve not only excellent competitive flair but as important an influence is the huge impact music and indeed learning to play the piano can have.

Musicians are unanimous in their views that learning music can have huge benefits to children’s mathematical skills. By understanding the broad range of beats and rhythms children practice subtraction, division and the creation of fractions. Obviously their memory skills are also tested as they aim to remember the various pieces of music or songs that they may be learning. This fun and relaxing method of learning can begin at such a young age and is the kind of learning that will very rarely be objected to when approached with the right attitude. What a pleasure to sit and listen to your child progressing with these skills whilst helping them to appreciate their achievements in such a sociable manner.

Colin Leverett of Piano Restorations, from Twyford in Buckinghamshire, comes from a generation of piano restorers and has seen how the love of music and pianos is creating an increasing trend amongst families who are re-introducing the music room to their homes. To own a wonderful grand piano is of course the dream and indeed to even have the space for such a luxury may be rare, however this is not vital when trying to encourage children to take up this life skill. Colin has restored the best grand pianos in the world from Steinway and Bechsteins to stunning inherited uprights. A wonderfully restored upright can bring just as much pleasure to the whole family and can usually be found a wonderful place in the home, whether in the hall, sitting room or even the kitchen. In fact the more centrally placed within the home the more it becomes a natural and enjoyable place to sit and confidently play music whenever the mood takes you.

From the benefits of aiding with academic achievements to the health benefits of playing the piano, including co-ordination skills as well as social and confidence building abilities, learning to play the piano really is something that should be part of all our children’s lives.