Why is it not possible for me to achieve my dreams?”
How Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back in Life
Liz Huber

Liz, in my experience, I could not come to any conclusive realisation or answer to this until I had clarity of mind first.

Clarity of mind led to organizing thoughts and perceptions, and understanding them to be only an accumulation of information (which is external and not internal in nature). Beliefs are also the same… kind of like lies that hold true at one point and fall apart at another when the rules change. It holds you back from being dynamic.

I found it seemed better and more empowering to see things as they are and acting simply on what needs to be done to achieve the dream, without judging or complaining about the circumstances/situations we are in, Or even banking on beliefs because they are external and are formed from judgements. Beliefs can be very fickle in nature.

The transition to that mindset is difficult but it’s quite worth it. This is just an opinion of course. ☺

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