intimacy: why i shoot the way i do

When people ask me what style of photography I shoot, I usually end up saying the words intimate, raw… showing the real you. I want to share with you guys what exactly I mean by that and why I choose to shoot in this way.

First, a little about me. I’m the photographer of and photography director at I’ve been doing photography for 9 years total and almost 2 years full time. It’s been a long process of shooting, experimenting, more shooting, making mistakes and shooting more to find my process, my style. I’m so proud of the art I create and every day I’m growing, learning and expanding my artistry. Anyway, back to the point…

  • Working with businesses, couples and individuals — I see a lot of different type of projects. But with any project I aim for the intimate, close moments. When you and your partner just love each other and forget I’m there. When a high school senior shows their inner smile and they just shine. When a project brings your vision to life and you can see the emotion and thought behind it.
  • Photography for me is not about the picture, it’s about the moment that’s really happening. The dreams, the laughter, the love. I’m not only a photographer, I’m a moment artist. That’s what’s important to me.
  • Printing your images is very important to me as well. Physically touching the image, seeing it in real life. Hanging on the wall or as a bookmark, you’ll see it much more often as stuck in your facebook albums. And it brings that extra level of intimacy and closeness that social media can never quite reach. Remember the real thing, come back to that real moment in time.

Well that’s a little about me and how I shoot. Thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts! Photographers, I’d love to hear about how you shoot and about your style. We’re all different and I love hearing all the perspectives. Peace!