The misunderstood venus

The men misinterpreted their art.

I always say that you are reincarnation of Venus, your body is as sculptural as its area is as enthralling as. I took these pictures to demonstrate this in some artistic way, because if my eyes were a sculptor, I would sculpt you as they see you and put you in the louvre. it is only an external complement of all that you are, the totality of it is only given by reason of all its exterior. You’re not just a body.

If you were the quiet city that my foreign self wishes to cross, if I could learn your languages, discover all your borders on every particle of land, I would be forever. I would become an inhabitant of you. I would like to know all your extremities and to glide through your miles of soil as if you were discovering the dermis nakedness for the first time. I would land in your cultures, in your fainting places, in your subtlest areas that were too small for slight glances,

I would show you how every corner of your surface is more beautiful than the collision of galaxies.

You are all my stars in sync, the particularity of the black holes that I do not understand (and this has always been the greatest beauty of them), the colors of andromeda apples, the details of the sunset by which my eyes love to go

I still would prefer to go through your

My soul dances like one who listens to favorite music in a cold spring when he kisses you,

And love seems a word too small to describe the times when you probe my planets not yet discovered

I know is one of your things to mention the meekness of the universe when you write but I’m using it here for you to better understand how awesome you are even if physics is most of the unknowns that I still can not define because that’s when I realize that you’re big too much to fit only in such mundane analogies.

You’re the most beautiful universe I’ve ever witnessed.

The space-time I have the gift of being able to grope

The planets and the cities by which my vision always loves to discern

You are the junction of the most exceptionally beautiful things I’ve ever had the luck to feel

And I still suspect that we are the intertwined ruins of the same star

I will always want to continue rediscovering all the confines of your cities

Of your dwarf planets

And all the limits of your dermis

Until you know it that is too fascinating to be unveiled just for once.