Touring Beijing Was Never So Easy

Beijing is the capital city of the People’s Republic of China. It dominates the northern part of China and is a very ancient history. Beijing was previously known as Peking and has been the capital of 6 Chinese governments. Famous as one of the busiest airports in the world, the Beijing Capital International Airport is one of the chief entry and exit ways of China. There is a new policy that allows tourists and citizens of 53 listed countries to stay and travel within Beijing for about 144 hours without a visa.

Now passengers can see Beijing Top Attractions with an ease because while in transit they can make full use of lengthy airport layover at Beijing with well-planned tour packages that help to utilise the limited time. Within a span of 10 to 14 hours of layover, the tourists can be treated to the magnificent city and its rich historical heritage.

Beijing is one of the largest and densely populated cities in the world, the second after Shanghai. It is difficult to complete the city tour without the help of an organized itinerary and a Beijing private tour guide.

Beijing is a city with abundant tourist attractions of cultural and historical eminence. Beijing is also home to seven extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Sites, that should not be missed during the tour.

Lotus Tours provide a very well planned, customised Beijing day tour Guide packages for the tourists in Beijing. The driver and guides extremely proficient and experienced. The tour plans are flexible and come with easy cancellation policies if required.

The tour package helps to cover most of the major tourist attractions at reasonable pricing and no hidden additional costs. The top tourist attractions in Beijing include:

1. The Great Wall of China

2. The Forbidden City which is an architectural extravaganza

3. The Temple of Heaven

4. The Tiananmen Square

5. The Summer Palace

6. The Lama Temple

7. The Ming Tombs

8. The Hutong Tours

9. Beijing Zoo & Panda House

10. The Olympic Venue

11. Watching the famous Beijing shows including Kung-Fu contests, the Peking Opera and a number of world- famous Acrobatic shows

With Lotus Tours, you get to avail the VIP entries at each tourist spot. The tours are best planned with enough time in hand. There are special packages tailor-made to get the most of Beijing in different time availability.

The one day or 8 hours Beijing tour has 6 tour options to choose from. These packages fall under Beijing Optimal.

The two days Beijing tour package falls under Beijing Elite. This is a more detailed tour, evenly divided over two days.

The three days Beijing tour package is classified as Beijing Classic. This package contains VIP entrances to all Beijing Top Attractions and heritage sites around.