A Cryptocurrency with a Savings Program that Builds Interest

DNotes is a digital currency with a clear purpose to serve as a real currency that people can use in their daily lives. While this is a clear purpose, DNotes are aware that there are critical obstacles which to need to be overcome first.

As it stands, there are some very distinct differences between crypto and fiat currency which hold us back from being able to fully utilize the advantages and opportunities that a digital currencies provide. Obviously the volatility of the crypto market is a major concern, which must essentially be overcome so we can achieve an intrinsic and stable value. Another big difference, being the ability to generate interest in a ‘secure’ savings account as you would with a traditional bank.

DNotes have a plan to address both of these issues and ultimately create an ecosystem to promote and support mass adoption of their digital currency.

A Cryptocurrency with Intrinsic Value

DNotes are supported by the partnering DNotes Global Inc — a profit generating company who have integrated the DNotes currency into their financial services. The company provides a unique cross-ownership model, with DNotes owning 25% of DNotes Global (pre-dilution), while the company maintains a stake in the digital currency. DNotes Global generates profit, which in turn creates intrinsic value for the DNotes currency to help create a “floor” for the digital currency’s value.

Already, DNotes Global successfully provide services in crypto security, FinTech news and business education. With additional plans to deliver everything from an exchange, multi-currency cards to a blockchain invoicing system to simplify merchant acceptance and adoption of the digital currency.

Cryptocurrency Investment Saving Plans (CRISP)

Like a bank, DNotes provides a way for its users to securely store and save money — but better. With the DNotes Vault, a robust web-accessible fortress for users to simply and securely store DNotes, with all deposits protected by a guarantee fund. Additionally, all deposits are rewarded with interest directly from the blockchain of 0.5% every 30 days (6% annually), which is far more than the average bank. The Vault is a cold storage facility, making it a highly secure option, particularly when used in conjunction with the famously transparent, secure and immutable blockchain technology.

The Future of Money

DNotes are on a mission to make cryptocurrency more accessible and easy-to-use with their supportive ecosystem, so that people around the world can manage their money in a more secure, efficient and cost effective way by advantaging the benefits of blockchain technology.

For more information check out their white paper and website, which go into far more detail: DNotes-the-Future-of-Money.