Federico sent me this photo of Guy. I don’t know where or when exactly it was taken, but it’s nice to think that it captures an essential part of his life, waiting for lunch in the restaurant car of a central European train somewhere, perhaps en route to see some more Brueghels

Remembering Guy

My friend Guy Aston died on 31 October this year in hospital in Modena, after a year or more of obstinately refusing to give in to cancer and other ills. He was cared for in his last days by a small network of close long-term friends, who also organized a special memorial event for him on Dec 8th in Vergato, which I attended along with maybe sixty other people. There were photos of Guy’s life and speeches, and (for me) the unexpected pleasure of meeting again some people I had not seen for many years and also meeting some that I had never met before; but who all had in common their love for Guy. There were former students and colleagues from Forli and Modena, whose careers he had helped advance; there were neighbours and friends from Vergato with whom he shared his long life in Italy. It was a surprisingly joyful occasion and blessed by wintry sunshine.

There were three pre-prepared speeches, which you can read in English or Italian by clicking the links below :

At the invitation of the organisers, many other people also spoke, in particular fellow researchers and teachers, providing anecdotes and reminiscences about his influence on them, and his character. These remarks were not recorded, but I am of course happy to add other people’s memories to this site as they become available.

I have made and annotated a small sample of the many photos I have of Guy; a representative sample of moments where our lives intersected. Please click the link above to see them!

Finally, it is good to record that on December 23, 2018, Guy’s ashes were scattered (as he had requested) on the hillside in Liserna which had been his true home for so long.

Lou Burnard