Security Systems in Shellharbour: 5 Tips to Protect Your House

Today, for all homeowners, deterring criminals are one the biggest challenges they face. Criminal activities are undoubtedly rising with each passing day which is why shouldn’t have this false assumption that you are safe from all threats because you live in a “safe neighbourhood”. Why do you think most homeowners are hell bent on installing security systems in Shellharbour unless it’s a necessity?

Don’t showboat
If you have a valuable item, obviously you will feel proud of it, but if you end up showboating, you are only inviting thieves. For instance, if you have a bike or a scooter, don’t leave it out in the open. Roll it into the garage and lock it. Similarly, if you have recently purchased a brand new plasma TV or for that matter any expensive electronic appliances, don’t leave the boxes beside the trash can. This will give intruders the idea that they can steal the item and sell it to fetch top dollars for it.

Trick the burglars

More often than not burglars won’t attempt a robbery if they think that there’s someone at the house. So, create an illusion to make them think that you are present the house. Most thefts occur during the day when people are at work. Precisely for this reason, turn your TV or the lights on to trick the burglars into believing that there’s someone in your house. During the night, you can always leave the porch lights on. Alternatively, you can fake them by putting up a sign that shows that you have home security systems in Shellharbour installed in your house even though you don’t.

Secure your sliding doors and windows

The thing with sliding entry points is that they can easily be opened by an intruder even when it’s locked. The old models were extremely fragile, and all one had to yank them from its frame to open them, but the newer models are far more superior. Still, don’t leave everything to chance. Take the necessary measures to lock them properly.

Don’t leave the spare set out in the open

You might think it is a good idea to leave your spare set of keys under the floor mat or flower pot but keep in mind that if the intruder spots this location, it’s an open invitation for them to break into your house. Instead, you should give the spare keys to your friend or neighbour whom you trust completely. A great idea would be to install a CCTV in Shellharbour in your house. Through this, you can monitor everything around your house even if you are not in your house.

Keep your yard secure

Remember, tall trees and overgrown scrubs are a great hiding place for thieves and burglars. Precisely for this reason, you should keep the length of the scrubs and trees as low as possible. But that doesn’t mean that you have to cut down the whole thing altogether; just maintain it.