Lou Carlozo
Nov 10, 2016 · 2 min read

As a member of the “media,” I find your take fairly naive and, while written with style, lacking substance. I wouldn’t try to lecture you about cyber security, so I’m curious why you’re trying to teach me how my profession works.

Trump lied to the public about a great many things; he has 1,000-plus standing lawsuits against him. He refused to release his tax returns. The media grabbed onto the “emails” non-scandal with zeal, even though the FBI saw no reason to investigate further. He wore his prejudices publicly and with pride. He mocked the disabled. He didn’t just condone sexually abusive behavior — he reveled in it. He actually wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans out. And there you are — just like the media, in fact — not able to get your mind off those emails! “This American Life” did a great piece on the Clinton emails, concluding that the public understood next to nothing about them — that really it’s a case of sheer ineptitude and incompetence more than anything else. Hillary tried to take the election from Bernie? Like that’s a surprise. That kind of nasty stuff has been going on ever since Burr shot Hamilton.

Not an echo chamber, Trent. Tone deaf. Trump’s equivalent dishonesty and near criminality barely got noticed. Not an echo chamber, Trent. A noise floor. The media placed so much emphasis on email that it drowned out substantive issues. Economist Intelligence rated a Trump presidency the number 4 worst thing that can happen to the world economy outside of a prolonged Chinese recession. I didn’t hear that being investigated or followed up.

Trump was entertaining. Fun to have around. Controversial. The media loves controversy and a party. This is how my field works. It sells advertising.

You may be too young to remember 1980, but Ronald (rhymes with Donald) Reagan won the presidency because America wanted a daddy figure to protect it, go after the bad guys and kick ass. While weak, I think it’s still a bette explanation of why he won.

It was also, ultimately, the Revenge of the Macho. Let’s face it, if Hillary Clinton were Harold Clinton instead, the things she’d done would be chalked up as just politics. Instead, she’s a bitch. Lock her up!


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