How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur In High School

Entrepreneurship has no age boundaries. You can sell at kindergarten a gum you bought $0.10 for $0.20 and make $0.10 of profit or sell your new startup for $245 million at 50 years of age. What really matters is the attitude of each person that is usually shown at an early age as Gary Vaynerchuk and Mark Cuban, 2 of the most successful entrepreneurs started at a really young age either trading baseball cards or selling lemonades in the weekends. Although times have changed and we live in a digital world, you can still innovate and start a business whether it is online or offline, it is even easier now as we have unlimited amounts of resources online.You can learn about selling on Ebay, Dropshipping or even Programming with just a google search.

Following are my 4 tips to succeed while staying at school as an entrepreneur:

  1. Be Patient: I can not emphasise how important patience is, not only in entrepreneurship but in life in general but especially if you want to start a business it will not happen overnight, believe me. It takes years of preparation to build a scalable business that can expand and “revolutionise” the world. Therefore my very first tip for anyone looking to start a business while is at high school or even younger is to not have tremendous expectations and unrealistic goals from the very first day. It is different from setting high goals. We should set goals that could be achievable and not have dreams that we confuse them with goals.
  2. Network: The second point is networking.I can not emphasise how important networking is. Now is easier than ever to meet people, you can reach hundreds or even thousands of people in a day if you really want by emailing them. If you build a strong user base from the beginning of your journey then the percentage of succeeding increases dramatically. If you are more of an offline person then you can attend local networking events anywhere you are based, believe me there are dozens of events every month in the majority of the cities. You just need to find the right people who will show you how to become part of the community.
  3. Master one skill: If you want to team up with your buddies and START then each of you needs to master one skill that she/he can practice every day. You need someone who can code, sell and someone who can take care of the financials at least for the beginning. Most of the people claim they can do anything when they can write a line on HTML, have sold a gum 5 years ago and taken accounting in high school as a minor subject. Don’t be that kind of person, just pick up something you love and want to learn more about every single day as learning is infinite and never stops. As Albert Einstein said: “Once you stop learning, you start dying”
  4. Stop procrastinating: Probably this assigns mostly to the younger generation where it includes me too. We tend to leave something we can do NOW for TOMORROW. We believe that we have endless days left to live although there will come a time that we will not be able to do the things we can do now. However a great example of courage and prove that humans can achieve anything at any age is Colonel Sanders the founder of KFC. After his retirement, feeling helpless he started cooking his great chicken receipt he had that later turned to the multinational and international brand we all know today.

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Now it’s your turn: What other advice would you give to aspiring young entrepreneurs? And while we’re at it, what else would you like to see me blog about here on LinkedIn?Finally, make sure you don’t miss my future posts, thank you!

Be great,

Loucas Ferekides