Time to focus again into #DoMagick. A Month with 30 minutes meditation.

This time i will add the Memory Palace technique ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Method_of_loci ) in order to rebuild the astral temple. It has been abandoned for so long that probably is all quite dusty. Today i focus on the main octogonal altar in Tomar Templar Church.

#domagick #ritual #magick #chaosmagick #meditation

This research will be about the evolution of the Goetic Evocations from the Crowley-MacGregor via Heptameron & Arbatel from the Byzantine influences in Hygromanteia back to the Greek Egypt papyrus.

Not trying to have a perfect ritual, or the perfect recreation, just something that works for me ….

Just discover in twitter the #domagick challenge.

I will join it :) looks like a great project. Hope that day to day work let me advance into it.

Gamification and Fossil Angels

Most of the magick orders and systems belongs to a pre-internet times where the access to the information was the key for any learning process. This means that most of the rules and procedures are for a world where printing and writing was an expensive and time consuming. Right now you can get all kind of information, even the most rare grimoires.

The entertainment we choose molds our minds. the addictive process of games where you have lot of little tasks and then hit a big boss is what most people understand as an evolution process…

Lou Chiffre

Learning about everything all the time

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