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Buienradar — Your best friend in The Netherlands (source: Buienradar App)

As a Brazilian living in the Netherlands, I was a little acetic about the rain in the Netherlands. I imagined: “it can’t rain this much, people overreact on this”. But no, it’s true. It rains a lot. It’s not thunderstorms, but it can really be annoying if you are surprised every day in a week.

For that, we have Buienradar. It is a Dutch tool that helps you understand how the weather is going to be in the Netherlands, when and where is going to rain. Coming from a sunny country, I never checked the weather forecast before leaving home, but here it is something that is mandatory so you can have a better day. …

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Albelli Share! A UX case of Albelli.

First things first.

With a multi-disciplinary designer background, in October I decided to start a UX Bootcamp at Codaisseur Academy in Amsterdam. The redesign that I am going to present is my graduation project and I had 5 five days for this assignment.

For this project, I choose to work in a new feature for Albelli’s photo mobile app. Albelli is a Dutch company that has e-commerce of personalized products. They are specialized in photo books, wall decorations, maps, photo prints, and mugs.

Disclaimer: As I mentioned, this is a study project and I am not affiliated with Albelli.

Photo Printing?

Yes, photo printing! Now with the huge improvement of cameras on mobile devices, we are taking a lot more photos. According to the Business Insider, in 2017 the number of photos taken was approximately 1.2 trillion. And this number will get higher thanks to smartphones. …

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The Problem & Research

Last week I’ve started a research for Buienradar, a Dutch weather app. If you live in the Netherlands someone will probably advice you to use it. It's really popular and accurate in the country.

When I began, I started with the hypothesis that it would be nice and attractive for the user to have more features to personalise for everyday tasks, so he or she could know if it would be raining for a specific activity. The research proved that I was wrong. Through a lot of analysis, quantitative and qualitative research, I’ve found that the user wants the app to be more practical and with more clear information on the first screen. …


Loize Dalco

Curious life observer. Passionate for design. Geek by nature. 日本語の学生. UX | Product Designer

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