This blog runs through several casual games every week, surveying one female and one male on a pretty thorough breakdown of what makes apps enjoyable. We dig deeper than just asking for a star rating, we take a look at every aspect of the game from the title to the way advertisements are presented to the user. We’re working hard towards becoming the go-to resource for casual gaming. This is Casual Influence.

This week we’re starting with four fun apps from PlayMotive Ltd. They specialize in cute, simple games that are easy to pick up and get good at. We put Savannah and Andy behind the wheel as our testers, and their perspectives were different enough to give us a good mixed review of this week’s games. Our testers filled out an extensive survey that covered seventeen questions varying from multiple choice to short answers, and were asked to choose four descriptors from a list of categorized words that people commonly use to refer to mobile apps.

Savannah is a hardcore gamer, enjoying platform games like the Witcher and Fallout series. Andy only games casually, but this dynamic in gaming preference was helpful in getting well-rounded responses.

Fit Fight Fat

Fit Fight Fat by PlayMotive Ltd

If only getting skinny was as simple as smacking cake and burgers out of the air… or is it? This silly food survival game might be the first of its kind, and it really nails that all-too-familiar feeling of thinking you’re doing so good and then BAM, you’re fat again.

This game is fun in concept but after you figure it out and realize there is no end in sight for this poor man, the game gets repetitive. For every one step forward, those unhealthy treats really send you two steps backward, meaning you’re very quick to fall off the path, which might be the most realistic aspect of this game!

Both of our testers enjoyed and agreed with the message of the game: Fruit and exercise is good, too much unhealthy food kills you. Andy and Savannah each picked up the game and played for about 3 minutes before considering the gameplay repetitive. They both rated the stability of the app high while still considering the gameplay “clunky”.

Andy compared it to Fruit Ninja, whereas Savannah considered it highly original. Savannah thought this game was fun, easy, silly and amusing, while Andy considered Fit Fight Fat repetitive, clunky, silly and shallow.

Overall, this is a fun clicker with a cute premise and a good message. It’s easy to understand, and the results are rewarding, but short lived. Fit Fight Fat is unique enough to give you a little chuckle, but our testers both say they won’t be spreading this game to their friends.

Track Dash

Track Dash by PlayMotive Ltd

If you hate running, you’ll feel bad for this cute little dude who won’t stop until he crashes and burns! Track Dash is a hectic “tapper” that will trick you into thinking you can’t possibly do any better… until you suddenly blow your own score out of the water. It’s a little difficult to judge the jumping distance, but it’s usually your own dang fault when you fail.

Our testers, Savannah and Andy agreed, it’s hard to judge the jumping distance with this game. Jumping for coins is simple because it gives you a shadow to look for, but hurdling over or under obstacles can be challenging. The game runs smoothly, which is important for a fast tracker like this, and our testers both gave the game a 5/5 rating for loading time. Our testers liked the basics, agreeing that the title is accurate, the character is cute and the concept is simple enough. However, our testers and I agree that the gameplay is repetitive and lacking in originality.

To sum it up, Savannah called the game repetitive, clunky, cute and shallow while Andy described it as fun, clunky, familiar and amusing. These sum it up pretty well, considering the extremely simple concept of Track Dash.

Tidal Rider

Tidal Rider by PlayMotive Ltd

This cool little dude needs some surfing lessons… And we ain’t helpin’. Tidal Rider is a fun game once you figure out the game mechanics, and pretty easy to rack up a high score. Eventually, you fail enough times to start getting proud of hitting those pesky seagulls!

This PlayMotive app has some of the more unique mechanics, riding the waves to position your board on many different layers to collect coins while trying desperately not to crash into seagulls. This was the highest rated game of the week, according to our testers. Savannah and Andy both enjoyed the concept, the graphics and the upbeat tempo of the action. Andy was a little confused by the instructions, and I’ll admit that I was, too. But, Savannah picked it up right away, she even called the little character cute! Do you think PlayMotive can give us his number?

Another solid app with quick loading times and no crashing or freezing. Savannah would recommend this game to a friend, but Andy would not (which he never does). Tidal Rider was our highest rated game of the week!

Top Tier

Top Tier by PlayMotive Ltd

This clicky little game reminds you just how slow your reflexes have gotten. That might be what makes Top Tier so rewarding when you finally nail a perfect layer, which makes you feel like you really deserve that bonus. The only objective here is to time the moving pie chart perfectly, and tap the screen when it makes a full circle, or tier.

The gameplay is as barebones as it gets, but you do get to unlock skins for the tiers you’re creating, turning your boring old layers into fancy new rainbow layers, cakes, and yes, even cheese! But, don’t mistake simple for easy; Savannah found the game discouragingly challenging, and she’s the hardcore gamer! This game goes from 0–100 before you can get your first curse word out, so don’t mess up! Both Andy quickly pointed out the words rewarding, tricky, unique and amusing, while Savannah says Top Tier is repetitive tricky cute and challenging.

So, you won’t be digging through the trash for the Top Tier user manual, but you might get frustrated enough to give up. It’s a game to kill time with, but not worth the time it would take to teach to your grandmother.

Overall, these are four fun games to kill some time with. You can pick them up and put them down at any time without needing to get too heavily invested. PlayMotive Ltd does a great job at creating apps that are fun and unique in presentation, separating themselves from the similar games that get labeled as copycats for lack of originality.