Cosmic: a state beyond

This is part 10 in a 10 part story that recounts a true, personal journey of spiritual awakening out of the emptiness of modern life and into the awe-inspiring spiritual path of The Aetherius Society. It is a journey that anyone can make.

“We are all one.” It can sound trite. You may even hear it in a barber shop these days, but the fact of the matter is that it is literally true.

Yogis talk about the great Cosmic Outbreathing, in which the Divine Will brought into being the whole of creation as we know it out of perfect, immobile silence.

Everything in creation is God, and therefore Divine. You are God too, even now, gaining that experience which will lead you to the complete realization of Divinity.

Not just you, but everything in creation is alive and conscious of experience to one degree or another in order to make that journey through evolution back to the Divine Source. This is the great Cosmic Inbreathing.

Great yogis know that we are all an expression of this one life within and behind all things. They really know it. They are no longer fooled by the illusion of separation but see the interconnectedness of all life in all its glory.

Far more than any ordinary state of mindfulness or relaxation, they have literally experienced what it means to be conscious of themselves as the life that is within all things.

This is our destiny too.

One day, when we have earned it, we too will experience a completely different state of consciousness and know for ourselves that we are God.

In the words of Master of Yoga Dr. George King, quoted from his own outstanding account of this state in The Nine Freedoms, he writes:

“His consciousness reached outwards… gradually came the realization of Oneness. No longer was he a Light as he had been before, but now he was an essential part, an intimate part, an interrelated part of all things… Soaring upwards and outwards, he was now in the full and complete realization that he was Life, which was manifesting in countless different ways…”

Dr. King was a Master of Yoga who literally knew God.

His account brought the truth home to me more so than anything else I had read before. “Yes,” I thought, “we really are all one.”

About the author: Darren is a Member Initiate of The Aetherius Society, a spiritual organisation founded by world-renowned Master of Yoga Dr. George King. The Aetherius Society is dedicated to selfless service for the enlightenment of humanity. By day Darren is a mobile strategy consultant in the city of London.

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