Divine: Back to God

This is part 8 in a 10 part story that recounts a true, personal journey of spiritual awakening out of the emptiness of modern life and into the awe-inspiring spiritual path of The Aetherius Society. It is a journey that anyone can make.

I was 23 before I was faced with the realization that I had been ignoring something within me for as long as I can remember.

I simply could not accept that death was the end, or that our potential was limited to what I could see in the world around me. There had to be more.

I had had early glimpses of that “more”. At the age of 13 a visiting acquaintance had introduced me to The Rosicrucian Order and with it an insight into the truth about our Divine potential. It lit a light inside of me — I felt instinctively that it was true and I resolved to pursue that truth.

When I look back now, it is hard to acknowledge how much I distracted myself from cultivating any real awareness of Truth — and how I lacked any real determination to find that Truth. The pile of unopened weekly spiritual study booklets grew on my bedside as a constant visual reminder of my early enthusiasm.

The fear of missing out — on much less important things — was somehow always more of a priority. There was neither time for spiritual thought, nor apparently any pressing need.

In time, the light grew dimmer and dimmer still, until it was almost out. Without even realizing it I had become a prisoner of my own tiny little selfish world, hopelessly searching for material fulfilment in every sense of the word — even though I knew better.

Not that I was unique. You might say I was completely and utterly “normal”… It is a tragedy that we all make ourselves so small in comparison with what we really are.

Finally faced at 23 with a sense of spiritual urgency, I stepped into the unknown to come face to face once and for all with what I had ignored all those years:

To come face to face with the truth that what we think we are is nothing — absolutely nothing — in comparison with the unlimited inner potential within each and every one of us, and that it is our responsibility to nurture this, not just within ourselves, but within others — all life — too.

What does this inner potential bring us? Freedom!

Freedom from our basic selves. Freedom from the illusion of separation; to see that we are literally one with all life. Freedom from fear, greed, hate and selfishness — which are all dissolved in that realization of oneness.

It is freedom from ignorance of who and what we really are, and the reason we are here on Earth in the first place. It is freedom, eventually, even to leave this classroom of Earth, once we have mastered the lessons it can offer us, to go to greater life beyond!

Until that time I had been more interested in the yogic “powers” than in any genuine search for Truth and it had not lasted. Now at 23, following my contact with The Aetherius Society, there was something more, much more, to draw on — the real example of Divinity: doing all you can to help all life back to the Divine Source.

In the words of Dr. King, “Service is the one and only way.” It is the living pattern of Divinity — and the path towards it.

Could anyone strive to realize their oneness with all life and not try to help all life at the same time? And by the same token, could anyone try to help all life and not begin to realize their oneness with all life?

If you knew you could help heal someone of their sickness, wouldn’t you do it? What if you knew you could relieve some part of their suffering. Wouldn’t you try?

If you knew there was an energy you could channel which could raise the consciousness of our world, to help bring a greater peace to humanity, wouldn’t you stop whatever you were doing for yourself and do that instead?

I believe that you would. We all can. This is all literally possible — within your reach, now.

Our potential is literally god-like, and our ability to help alleviate the suffering of others is thousands of times greater than we may have ever possibly imagined.

Can anyone escape the logical conclusion that the only thing we really should do is everything we can do to realize our own divinity and help others do the same?

“Man dwelleth in a world of selfishness — God dwelleth in a world of selfless expansion. Bridge this gap — and be a GOD.” — The Master Jesus, spoken through the mediumship of Dr. King.

About the author: Darren is a Member Initiate of The Aetherius Society, a spiritual organisation founded by world-renowned Master of Yoga Dr. George King. The Aetherius Society is dedicated to selfless service for the enlightenment of humanity. By day Darren is a mobile strategy consultant in the city of London.

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