Light: one foot out of the darkness

This is part 3 in a 10 part story that recounts a true, personal journey of spiritual awakening out of the emptiness of modern life and into the awe-inspiring spiritual path of The Aetherius Society. It is a journey that anyone can make.

In fits and starts I struggled through early trials on the spiritual path. Most of all I struggled with doubt and the loneliness of experiences I could not share with anyone else. I asked myself more than once whether I had been a complete fool.

It was The Twelve Blessings that really threw fuel on the fledgling fire within.

The physical experience of my aura, chakras and subtle nervous system left me in total awe. It will do the same for you.

The practices were beginning to awaken my chakras into active, radiant, living vitality, which is at the very heart of the journey to enlightenment, and long as this journey may yet be, finally, I felt as if I had one foot out of the darkness.

By now I started to appreciate that the yoga breathing was not so much about the breath per se as it was about the prana, or universal life force (ch’i or ki, or subtle energy), which courses throughout all of creation and comes, in this solar system, from the Sun. This energy is LIFE itself.

I turned again to the pages of Contact Your Higher Self Through Yoga, back to the text I had not grasped before, and studied the ancient wisdom of the Master:

Imagine a radiant, angelic Being, clothed in the dazzling white robes of purity, riding in a chariot pulled by two strong, fleet horses through the golden gates of a magnificent Temple. This angelic Being, beautiful beyond all description, is symbolic of the Spark of Divinity within you — the Spirit. The will he exerts, through his hands, over his horses represents the part played by your Soul. His guiding hands, your mind and the powerful horses, Prana. While the chariot symbolises your physical body and the Temple, his destination, represents God, which is the eventual destination of every Soul.” — Dr. George King

I reached out with each breath and drew this prana into my body. I felt as if my body was coming back to life. I felt as if my whole being was coming back to life. Here at my command was the energy which allows us to make the journey back to the Divine source of all things, the destiny of each and every one of us. And it was real.

It was invigorating and inspiring. At the same time I trembled a bit. It’s all too easy when it may be true or may not be. But when it is…

I pushed onwards to a set of more advanced yoga breathing exercises published by Dr. King in his book Realize Your Inner Potential as a follow-on to his earlier book on yoga breathing.

Imagination,” he said, “is the difference between success and failure in all mystic practices.” I began to consciously imagine charging myself with an intense white light. I allowed this flow of subtle energy to revitalise my very being. I allowed it to cleanse me.

I allowed it to change me, each time I went to my altar and in every moment that I dwelt on the truth that I am more than just a physical being. Whatever my failings, I am Divine Spirit, and so are you.

In the words of a great Master:

“Within the soul of each of you there is a Divine Spark, which Itself is the result of direct illumination from the Spirit which dwells silently within you all. Go into this Divine Spark, meditate upon it. Let the mighty rays vibrate through you every day, every hour, every second, every micro-second and then you will LET IN THE LIGHT…” — Mars Sector 6, ‘Let in the Light’, 1957

About the author: Darren is a Member Initiate of The Aetherius Society, a spiritual organisation founded by world-renowned Master of Yoga Dr. George King. The Aetherius Society is dedicated to selfless service for the enlightenment of humanity. By day Darren is a mobile strategy consultant in the city of London.

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