Pray: manifest your inner potential

This is part 7 in a 10 part story that recounts a true, personal journey of spiritual awakening out of the emptiness of modern life and into the awe-inspiring spiritual path of The Aetherius Society. It is a journey that anyone can make.

Something profound has been lost in our understanding of what prayer really is, and that something has been lost on virtually everyone — skeptics and so-called believers alike. Maybe even you.

Today prayer has so many unappealing religious connotations, especially when compared to meditation — and there are many people trying to leave religion behind for something more, or even no religion at all.

I did the same. I walked away, not wanting anything more to do with the experience I had had of the disregard for our own inner potential, and the lack of real answers about the metaphysical nature of ourselves and the Cosmos we are a part of.

But there is always the danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

The correct hand position for prayer.

I will never forget the day, years later, when I read for the first time the teachings of Dr. George King. Dr. King described prayer as a way to transmit energy from point A — the person praying — to point B — the focal point of that prayer; e.g. the person who needs that prayer.

What if rather than just being the whim of a mythical deity, prayer was in fact a profound mystic science to invoke and radiate spiritual energy from the Divine Source?

What if rather than being arbitrary and illogical, prayer was in fact governed by precise metaphysical laws, the same laws which govern all of creation?

In the straight-forward terms in which prayer was explained to me, the more energy you can invoke and send out and the better this energy is conditioned by Love, the better the results of a particular prayer will be.

All prayer of course has a certain power, but some techniques are more powerful than others and the simple technique that Dr. King devised and taught is one of these. He called it: “Dynamic Prayer”.

The technique is based on his profound understanding of the ancient spiritual science of yoga, and I soon came to the conclusion, from my own study and experience, that when mystics talked about prayer what they were really talking about was an amalgamation of a number of different great yogas:

Karma Yoga: The yoga of action — service to others.

Bhakti Yoga: The yoga of devotion or Divine love

Raja Yoga: The science of physical and mental control

Mudra Yoga: The yoga of hand signs to control energy

Jnana Yoga: The yoga of wisdom

I believe anyone can learn the technique of Dynamic Prayer and experience the tangible, physical power of spiritual energy, whether they understand the principles at work or not.

Even when I first started, I distinctly remember the pressure and heat in the palms of my hands. At times I felt as if I might be swept away by the flood of energy coming through my body and aura, even though I had no understanding of what it was.

The first time you experience that, in any degree — and you can — you will never think about prayer the same way again.

The implications are vast, for any open-minded person.

Nothing is stopping you. You can invoke this spiritual energy — now.

You can learn to control this energy. You can direct it to any other person, even humanity as a whole.

You can help transform the world in which we live — by raising global consciousness; and by giving all people the opportunity to be not only more inspired by their own higher selves but also to act in the light of this inspiration.

Don’t take my word for it. Try to experience it yourself.

Dr. King described dynamic prayer as the song of the soul. He said the soul wants to sing. How much longer will we repress the divine song that is within us all?

Experience for yourself the tremendous, radiant — and very real — power within you.

Give it to others. Receive it back.

And use it to RISE.

About the author: Darren is a Member Initiate of The Aetherius Society, a spiritual organisation founded by world-renowned Master of Yoga Dr. George King. The Aetherius Society is dedicated to selfless service for the enlightenment of humanity. By day Darren is a mobile strategy consultant in the city of London.

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