I, Racist
John Metta

*standing, clapping wildly* Bravo!

Years ago, I reached the same conclusion about discussing religion with religious people: folks who think we need to be “saved” from a fiery hell. Someone needed to speak up and defend God’s divine nature. So I decided to become the “Loud Mouth in the Balcony,” challenging the “faithful” to think about the implications of their beliefs — specifically, what their beliefs imply about God.

It’s so much easier to believe than to think, whether it’s about race or religion. Most worship an angry, violent, genocidal, vengeful god who favors/chooses some of “His” children over others — and won’t forgive “His” guilty offspring unless “His” only innocent son is brutally tortured to death. Who, other than Satan, would do that? Have they any idea whom they’ve been tricked into worshiping?

It’s impossible to worship a violent and vengeful god without worshiping violence and vengeance. Not only have demonized God, they haven’t connected the dots between regularly convening in a space to worship this violent and vengeful god and the violence and vengefulness that becomes attracted to their worship spaces.

My theory about religiosity parallels your view of racism: We’ve created and supported this hell that we live in by not paying attention. We go along with the demonization of God so that we can be accepted our peers. We want to enjoy the “privilege” of being “saved” while others in our human family are tormented throughout eternity in a fiery hell. What part of that clearly demonic concept sounds like something the Divine would do?

Thank you for deciding to become a “Loud Mouth.” May millions hear you, think carefully about their inaction, their privilege, their demonization of anyone wearing a human body costume that doesn’t look like theirs, and their obsession with and addiction to inequality. I fully support your effort to help Christians make a conscious decision to think and act more Christlike.

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