The Backup

Photo by Jack Cofield, Old Miss Athletics

The second team quarterback is always the most popular guy on the team, Archie Manning

No one is more popular than the backup quarterback on a losing team.

The backup quarterback is a savvy veteran, an experienced hand with steady feet and none of the ball security issues that plague the current signal caller. The backup quarterback hasn’t thrown an interception all season.

The backup quarterback is a hotshot youngster with a cannon for an arm. A brash gunslinger he would open up the offense, sending perfect spirals arcing down the field instead of the timid wobblers to which the current passer is limited.

The back up quarterback is never saddled with inept offensive linemen or a receiving corps with hands of stone. The porous secondary or the aged linebackers never hand him a 3 score deficit before halftime. His team didn’t flush away high draft picks on Big 10 running backs and special teams players.

The backup quarterback shines best in the offseason, where hindsight is 20/20 and the only games that count are played on the fields of the imagination.

The backup quarterback’s most important feature is that he didn’t just lose. The fans didn’t just watch him fumble away a winnable game on the last drive. He wasn’t standing helplessly on the sideline while the champions kicked a winning field goal. He wasn’t asked embarrassing questions in the post game press conference. The Sports Reporters won’t devote a segment to of his future with the team.

This is what goes through my head whenever I hear nonsense like this


More to follow ;)