Amid Chinese New Year Coronavirus Quarantines, Millions of Uighur Muslims Also Remain in Lockdown. Who Tells Their Stories?

Millions of Uighur Muslims are held in Chinese concentration camps.
Many are held without trial or charge in the Xinjiang camps.

The China Cables

Surveillance in the camps monitors detainees’ tightly controlled lives.
Separatist protests have led to a significant government crackdown.
Manga artist Tomomi Shimizu shares stories from inside the camps.

‘What Has Happened To Me’

Mihrigul Tursun experienced extreme brutality in the Xinjiang camps.

Behind the Lens of an Activist

Anya Tunjung turns the lens on Australia’s camps in ‘SOS Manus.’
The Manus Island detention centre has been internationally criticised.

Being Muslim in Australia

“There was a man who came and kicked me and told me that I should stop squatting around in Australia.”

Tunjung still remembers an afternoon on the train five years later.
Hear Anya Tunjung share how her experiences as an Australian Muslim woman have influenced her activism.

Freelance writer, filmmaker and advocate.

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