Doubles: Spinda-Arcanine

Spinda: Item: Choice Scarf: Ability: Contrary: Moves: Skill Swap, Encore, Fake Tears, Copycat: EV Spread: 200-HP,56-Defence,256-Speed

Arcanine: Item: Leftovers: Ability: Intimidate: Moves: Close Combat, Overheat, Morning Sun, Dragon Pulse: EV Spread:200-HP, 108-Defence, 200-Sp Defence

Other Pokemon That You can Add:Pokemon That can learn Close Combat,Mega Heracross,Machamp,Meowstic,Greninja

How to use Spinda Contrary Skill Swap

Make sure Your Spinda has the ability Contrary(Contrary makes any stat changes have an opposite effect).Then Your Spinda needs to Be faster than the pokemon that you are going to Skill Swap on to( I would use Arcanine or Mega Pinsir as the pokemon to have Contrary on). Then the pokemon that you are going to give Contrary has to have a move to lower its stats like Overeat or Close Combat so Instead of lowering the stats it raises it.

Full Team

Spinda, Arcanine, Greninja, Meowstic, Croagunk, Mega Audino/Mega Camerupt

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