Can you tell me what is wrong with that video?
Eve Moran

If you don’t see what’s wrong with the video we may have just reached an impasse. The problem with the video is the students at a public University are obstructing Ben Shapiro’s right to assembly by not allowing him to speak. 19–22 year old’s should be expected to respect someones constitutionally endowed rights, just like everyone else. I hold everyone to that standard no matter who they are. Just because someone has an audience or works for a thinktank doesn’t mean people can trample on their rights. If a student disagrees with a speaker, they should go to the meeting and challenge the speaker.

My original comment resonated with a lot of people (liberals & conservatives alike) because we’re sick and tired of the far left only supporting the type of speech they agree with. We know that freedom of speech is the right that guarantees all of the other rights, so we need to nip this totalitarian tendency in the bud because we won’t allow the kind of people like the ones interrupting Ben Shapiro be the arbiters of what the rest of us can say.

“My theory is that the real conversation, between people who are genuinely ideologically opposed and talking about the same subject, has not occurred in a long time. Not publicly.”

How does having an immature shriekfest contribute to alleviating this problem? Your point may be true, but it doesn’t excuse the students behavior. By obstructing his right to speak they aren’t allowing the conversation to even happen. It may not yield anything, but having a conversation is the only way finding common ground could possibly happen.

“And I have spent the last few years watching the rightwing media promote this narrative that college kids are responsible for stifling the rights of people who run think tanks.”

They may be embellishing it, but they aren’t pulling this stuff out of thin air. They also don’t see many liberals admonishing this sort of tactic either.

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