It goes beyond mere numbers.
Terry Stigers

Our Differences are Bernie’s Efficiency Challenges

Your enlightening perspective furthers the impression I have been getting from Bernie. Not that he is racist or sexist or uncaring about the discrimination of LGBTQ Americans, but that he has mentally moved on from those struggles. Those problems have been addressed.

Not only have they been addressed, but they must not exist for his plans to succeed. For there to be truth in the vision he is proposing, for a Bernie Sanders America to be possible, these issues cannot be as critical as dismantling the tyranny of millionaires and billionaires. So I continue to get the idea that they are a bother that he’s being made to speak about — at which point he hits them like efficiency challenges.

A trust in one another’s value and equality, a trust that we will all work and equally pay into the system, and a trust in the government will give us fair returns is crucial. I dare say, while it is an America I think sounds nice, this is not the America I live in, and Bernie Sanders as president will not change that.

Perhaps with incremental improvements in equality of human and civil rights AND wealth — which I think Hillary proposes — we can move closer to being a people that could adopt some of the ideals of a socialist system. Trust could be built. We could be those people.

Maybe some people can imagine us as those people in their minds. But if you look — LOOK — at who we actually are… we are not those people. I feel like we have to do the work — starting with an acknowledgment of our huge rifts instead of pretending we’re all the same. And pushing plans that work with that truth.

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