First, let me post about it

Dank, lit af and will make you scream yea booooooi! We find the need of sharing everything online. This is what I predict to be the future of the media.

People relate better with other people. You have TV commercials incorporating videos filmed by regular people using smartphones. Major corporations are taking advantage of YouTuber fanbases. All of these are shared online.

It’s easier to upload something online and get more eyes looking because of the current era we live in. The online era. It only takes a few words to search for something you need. Googling top 10 action movies of 2015 will give you hundreds of alternative sites to choose from.

When you want to find the same information in a movie store, you need to go to the store, look through all the movies or ask an employee, then maybe you will find the movie you want.

You’ll probably end up searching online for the title of a movie anyway.

It’s much easier to do things online. Everyone’s online so it only makes sense to take what we have in traditional media and convert it to something that fits in online media.

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