10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas from Louie T Design

1.Welding Mask Red Light — Is your valentine a welder? Even if not, this super unique, REAL Welding Mask light is a one of a kind, perfect present. Modern style. Red light.

Beautiful Decor for your wonderful home! Can be purchased at http://louietdesign.com/lighting-sale/243-welding-mask-red-light.html for only $229! Call today @ +1(951)684–4050

2. Abstract Steel Decor — The mixture of red tinted colors and the unique pattern creates a beautiful art piece to display at your home or workspace!

This sculpture can be placed in several different ways, based on your personal imagination! Can be purchased at http://louietdesign.com/ for only $189! Call today @ +1(951)684–4050

3. Pattern Space Divider — This sculpture is one of the most unique ways to separate room space and create that beautiful intimate corner.

No one can resist its unique pattern and the gorgeous design it creates through the shadows. Can be purchased at http://louietdesign.com for $1300! Call today @ +1(951)684–4050

4. His & Hers Bar Stools (NOW a part of a FREE giveaway promotion) — These unique bar stools are made out wine barrel. Modern, one of a kind design will not remain unnoticed!

Can be purchased at http://louietdesign.com/ for only $350! Call today @ +1(951)684–4050 and make sure to ENTER into LTD contest for a chance to win the awesome stools at https://contest.fbapp.io/olslfb

  • The BAR Table ($1899), as well as wooden WINE sign ($119.99) are also available for sale per your request)

5. Bowling Pin Vases — These Vases are made out of bowling pins (That’s right!)

One of the most unique and contemporary style decoration you have probably seen!

Can be purchased at http://louietdesign.com/ for only $90.00 ea! Buy the set of THREE and get 20% OFF! Call today @ +1(951)684–4050. Make sure to check out the Table that was made out of a Bowling Alley as well:)

6. Double Steel Sculpture — This Yellow & Red Unique statue demonstrates unity of the two. Beautiful and artistic way to express the way you feel.

The sculpture can be purchased at http://louietdesign.com/ for only $210! Call today @ +1(951)684–4050.

7. Love Seat — This double sided seat is the perfect piece of furniture for a home, salon, or a photo studio. Fully customized with color & fabric of your choice, the couch is available for order at $600.

Can be purchased at http://louietdesign.com/ for only $600! Call today @ +1(951)684–4050.

8. Contemporary Dual Ellipse Light — This beautiful dual light is a wonderful decoration for your home. Its touch-sensitive technology allows to control the brightness of the light at your fingertip, which makes it a perfect bedroom kind of a lamp.

The contemporary stage lighting style, custom made, and unique design will draw everyone’s attention, while leaving great impression.

Can be purchased at http://louietdesign.com/lighting-sale/240-dual-ellipse-light.html for $499.99. Call today @ +1(951)684–4050 and see if you can get a promotional discount!

9. Amethyst Waterfall Sculpture — This freestanding monolith not only has LED lighting, the water flows down face of crystal! A real jaw dropper when you hit the switch! Gorgeous decor, worth taking a look at!

Amethyst — Brazil Steel base with custom rubberized coat finish matte black.

Can be purchased at http://louietdesign.com/sale/29-amethyst-waterfall-sculpture.html?search_query=amethyst&results=2. Call today @ +1(951)684–4050, and see if you can get a promotional discount!

10. Large Amethyst Water-flowing Sculpture — larger size, LED Brazil crystal!

Louie Tozser Design specializes in providing contemporary interior and exterior designs, such as acrylic lighting, custom wall art, as well as sculptures, couches, futons, tables, and more. LTD will turn your idea into reality! Our fabricating division has boundless resources and tooling to assist with your ideas. LTD’s design of custom products become instant conversation pieces. All sculptures and art effects are signed, dated, and are of limited production. For custom products for any purpose don’t hesitate to give us a call or email.

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