Louie Tozser Design

Our Background

LTD specializes in providing a variety of interior and exterior designs, such as Acrylic Lighting, Custom Wall Art, Steel Sculptures, Awards, Furniture, and more. We have years of design and fabrication experience that allows us to collaborate your ideas into the perfect piece you have imagined. We work with virtually all materials, such as stainless, aluminum, glass, stone, and etc. to provide our clients with show-stopping results. In addition to working with municipalities, we have produced works for international TV networks, corporations, museums, and even a couple of rock stars.

What We Can Do for You

Louie Tozser Design is your one-stop-shop for every aspect leading to a finished product — whether your design calls for wood, steel, aluminum, glass, stainless, fabric, foam, or all of the above — LTD can do it all.

· Manufacturer direct, maximize margin

· Complete metal fabrication — cutting, welding, CNC, water jet, etc.

· Finish options — powder coat, paint, acid washes, waxed metal, etc.

· Upholstery — fabric, leather, ultra — suede, etc.

· Woodworking — from pine to exotic hardwoods

· Repurposing — found object transformation, restoration, mixed media, distressed

All fabrication is personalized to your specifications, whether you need something to fit in an awkward wall space or a unique sculpture to make your establishment magnificent, we can help. LTD is interested in not only building a timeless piece, but also in a relationship that will last just as long.

Please visit our gallery to find out how our clients from television networks to museums take full advantage of our resources.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Louie Tozser Design
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