Commodities Weekly Report

The brief.

The Challenge.

  • The users are finding it difficult to visualize how the stocks have performed over the week…
    Though my experience I know that the best way to visualize volatility is to use a heat-map so later I will focus my research on it.
  • Allows the users to be more efficient and accurate…
    Well, that’s my job.
  • Users want to visualize the end of day prices across all commodities.
  • Users want to visualize which commodity has had the largest % changes (biggest gains and losses and on what days these occurred).
    This sentences is more precise - it’s the main value of the reports.
  • Users want to see price changes by sector and then be able to drill into each by commodity.
    I’m not sure of what I’m suppose to do as price by sectors are not available into the data-set. However, in this case I will propose a global weekly price then later I will see with users if they want a sub-level of data.
  • Users want to combine the data visualisation with the original raw data.
    Ok, the table should be available all time.

User Persona.

Hypothetic user


multiple heat-map examples
First draft

Iterative Test.

Design system

Golden Ratio


Neurial Grotesk

Colours and accessibility

Background levels
text-color levels
Data Visualisation colours

Bring it to life.




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