A story told by a designer and a developer from Societe Generale.

The current surge in articles about design systems inspired us to talk more about what we do at Societe Generale. We’ve been experimenting with ours for a long time now, and as a designer who deeply cares about technical details, I personally see it as a huge achievement in my career.

Since design systems are languages that allow designers and developers to work together harmoniously, I put this piece together with my colleague Fabien Zibi, Lead Front developer. …

Data visualisation case study

Start date: Friday 8 Mar, 2018
End date: Tuesday 12 Mar, 2018

The brief.

On Friday 8th of March I received the brief to build a data visualisation tool to enhance visibility of price changes into a weekly report on 5 commodities.

It took me approximately 4–5 days to provide a viable and scalable solution. Here’s how I did it!

The Challenge.


The first thing I did is to understand what actually is the challenge? So I asked myself:

What problems are you trying to solve?
What obstacle must you overcome?

Inside the brief, I highlighted a few sentences:

Over the course of the last decade, I’ve worked across several industries, from retail, to real estate, luxury goods and finance. I’ve worked with some of the most dynamic and inspiring entrepreneurs in Europe, and — no matter what the project — their goal was always simple, and it was always the same: make it a success.

But there isn’t always a straightforward path to a simple goal. Without careful forethought, you might find yourself on a dead-end road from the moment you set out. …


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