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This is a good article and well-written, but I think the Raptors’s history has to be considered more for any look at their future options. The franchise has never had this level of success in its history. Even if I assume the championship or bust mentality, I think the Rap’s best chance at a championship has to be to string some winning seasons together. I wrote an article for Raptors Republic saying the same thing ( Basically, almost no team in the last 40 years has won a championship without winning a few playoff series (and then ultimately getting knocked out) in the years previous. The Raptors do not have a history of making the playoffs, let alone winning a few playoff series, so I think their best chance at a championship in the future is to enjoy the winning seasons now. Maybe things break right in the future, maybe they don’t, but the same inherent uncertainty lies in a tear-down as well.

The Raps’ history of losing looms over any decisions about whether they intentionally lose more games in the future, or whether they enjoy their current level of success for what it is.

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