Common questions when it comes to renting out your campervan or motorhome?

Campervans and motorhomes ownership is something people work hard for. They can be expensive assets, not just in the monetary sense , also with the memories they have helped create, they have often grown up with the kids.

Members in the Camptoo community work hard for years to save up enough money to purchase their dream motorhome or caravan. They use them when they can but sometimes look out into the driveway and wish it could be used a bit more. Instead of sitting in the driveway your campervan or motorhome could be out earning you money, instead of being a liability it could be earning you an income.

This is why Camptoo thought it would be a big help to talk about common concerns owners have when it come to hiring out their motorhomes.

Camptoo has put together a list of common concerns.

Q: How does insurance work?

We work closely with CIL insurance, the leading motorhome and camper-van insurer in Australia. CIL offer whats called a rent hire option which means that if you rent out your vehicle they cover the renter exactly the same as they would cover if you were the on driving. They are the only insurance company in Australia that provide this.

Q: I have seen how people treat rental campervans and motorhomes, they will ruin it!

We understand, we do, but there are some major differences!

Firstly the renters come and meet you! Its not like hiring off a big company, people understand that they are hiring off a person and treat the vehicle with respect.

You can also ask any questions you want before accepting the rental. Some of our owners have their own rules for peace of mind eg a minimum age required, maximum number of kilometers hirers can travel.

Q: What happens if the renter gets a fine or road toll?

The traveller is responsible for road tolls, fines and parking fines.

At the end of the trip you are able to inform us of any surcharges (fines, tolls, etc.). We’ll deduct these surcharges from the security deposit and transfer the amount into your nominated bank account.

Q: How much does it cost us to use your service?

A: Our service comes at no cost for you. We add our commission on top of your base rate. You are also able to delete your account with Camptoo at any time and there are no contracts or obligations.

Q: What are the rules with the renters

This is your motorhome so you can set any rules you want. You could have a minimum driving age, you could require the renter to only drive a certain amount of kilometres per day, you could have a no puppy or dirt road policy.

Basically you can set any rules that will make you feel comfortable with renting out your motorhome.

Q: How much could I earn?

We actually have a calculator for you to figure this out. Just click on the link below;

It completely depends on your location, how many your motorhome or caravan sleeps and how old it is.

Q: How much work do I have to do?

Camptoo wants to make it as little work as possible for you to start earning money from your camper. We take care of advertising, verifying the renters, taking the bond and making sure this is safe and secure.

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