The Adventure Series: We Who Roam

It’s always great to talk to people who are living their dream. That’s why Camptoo were super happy to ask Bec and Gary of We Who Roam a few questions about their current Mercedes Sprinter conversion. We asked them about the challenges with the conversion, their excitement for life on the road and tips they would offer someone thinking about undertaking this sort of project and lifestyle.

What inspired you to get a van and travel?

We wanted to try out something a bit different than the usual “job, house, mortgage” path.

“We loved the idea of trying something really different, something we could be proud of 50 years from now when we’re side by side in our rocking chairs (or possibly hammocks if I have my way) 👵🏼👴🏻🌴 In the words of Leo in Titanic, we wanted to make each day count.”
“So that’s what’s led us to here: living in my folks’ backyard, working six days a week to fund our adventure, with a van that’s 80% finished, and a million hopes and dreams and fears for the future.”
“We didn’t want to risk waiting until we were older to see the country. We wanted to experience it all whilst we had our health and our passion for new adventures.”

What has been the hardest thing about your conversion?

Honestly, finding the time to work on the van!

We both work two jobs so we can save up for when we hit the road. We have to snatch up an hour or two of van work when we can get it.

Weekend van work is never done, and weekends are about ticking off some of those little jobs so we can keep moving on.

Other than that, the hardest part of our build has been either the ceiling or the top cupboards along the ceiling. The curves of the roof made it tricky to get a good finish.

What is one trip you would recommend to someone coming to Australia? One they can’t miss?

Tropical North Queensland is incredible. The beach, the rainforest, and the reef. It never disappoints.

We absolutely cannot wait until the conversion is complete and we can hit the road.

What do you like best about hitting the open road?

That feeling of freedom where you don’t have a set destination or itinerary. You just drive, and keep yourself open to discovering something amazing.

A hidden beach, a great picnic spot, who knows what you’ll find.

What are some tips you would give someone purchasing a van for the first time?

You really need to ask yourself how you’ll be using and living in the van.

  • Is the ability to stand up inside important?
  • Do you want to cook inside or out?
  • Are you happy to make up the bed each night or would you prefer a more permanent setup?
  • How much space do you think you’ll need?

Once you know what size van you need you can start researching what make and model is best.

It will need to be mechanically reliable, parts need to be easily accessible, and it needs to be comfortable and easy to drive. It’s your home after all!

“We didn’t have backgrounds in building or electrics or really anything that could help us turn an empty tin can into a working, moving home-on-wheels. 
And whilst we’d done some travelling, neither of us had ever experienced living on the road longterm. We just decided to give it a go and hope to inspire others to do the same.”

We always love to hear stories from travellers, dreamers and doers. Bec and Gary are close to hitting the road and fulfilling their dream! If you want to follow their journey make sure you follow them on Instagram.